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District judge turns Good Samaritan

 District judge turns Good Samaritan

SANGA REDDY:  Moved by the plight of migrant labourers, district judge Sai Rama Devi turned Good Samaritan to provide food to travelling workers and also to arrange transportation to help them reach their native places. The judge was particularly affected by the news of a bare-footed elderly man collapsing on the way to his village.

Like thousands of migrant labourers, he too was forced to travel on foot as there was no transportation after the government announcement lockdown in view of the spread of coronavirus. People who have migrated to Hyderabad from areas like Narayankhed, Bichkunda and others were forced to leave for their native villages on foot. Around 50-100 people were seen going towards their native villages through Patancheru, Isnapur, Rudraram and Sangareddy. On Saturday, a family was heading towards their native village and an old man walking barefoot fell unconscious near Sangareddy. 

The incident was reported to district judge Sai Ramadevi by her staff and she immediately responded. 
The judge arranged footwear, and food for the old man and his family and also arranged a vehicle for him to reach his village. Judge Sai Ramadevi has decided to arrange food for such people on the court premises and arrange transportation every day so that they reach their native villages. Immediately, she brought the issue to the notice of the District Legal Services Authority along with High court judge Justice R M Ramachander. 


The district judge said that court staff, jail department, police and district collector have come forward to cooperate for the cause. Jail authorities have sent food sufficient for 100 people and district judge and Sangareddy DSP P Sridhar Reddy distributed food to the people heading towards their native villages. People thanked the judge for providing food and said they had started at 3 am. A special vehicle was arranged to send them to their native villages.

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