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Our only enemy is Coronavirus.: CM Jagan

 Our only enemy is Coronavirus.: CM Jagan

YS Jagan said, “our only enemy is Coronavirus. We all must fight this killer virus unitedly by diligently adhering to all the necessary preventive measures like physical distancing.”

The chief minister said: “All Indians cutting across the lines of caste and religion must be united in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. When some unfortunate events happen, no one should see an opportunity in them to insult, blame or discriminate against anyone or any one community. No one is an exception to this grave danger. Anyone can become a victim of this virus.”

The chief minister appreciated the efforts of front-line workforce belonging to the medical, health department, sanitation and municipal administration for rendering tireless services to people, even risking their lives during this tough time.

Acknowledging their relentless services, the chief minister announced that these frontline employees would be exempted from the deferment of salaries.

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