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A Man cycles 2,100 kms from Mumbai to Jammu to meet ailing father

 A Man cycles 2,100 kms from Mumbai to Jammu to meet ailing father

If love can move mountains, Arif’s undying love for his father has moved the uniformed force who is determined to help him.

30-year-old man’s quest to cycle a record 2,100 km from Mumbai to Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir to meet his ailing father has hit a chord with CRPF’s Madadgaar helpline, who has come forward to help the father-son duo.

On April 1, Arif’s father Wazir Hussain collapsed after suffering from a brain stroke. In a twist of fate, Arif, who works as a part-time guard in a private housing society and a taxi driver in Mumbai, had a nightmare that his father was ill. Anxious, he called his father but his relative attended the call telling Arif that his father had suffered a massive stroke.

Meanwhile, concerned residents of Mumbai have launched a campaign on social media to help Arif.

Due to the lockdown, Arif packed himself few biscuits and decided to travel on his cycle — the only means to reach his father who was in Rajouri.

He began a 2,100-km long and arduous journey to reach his ailing father.

Hearing his story, the CRPF suo moto decided to help. On Saturday night, the “Madadgaar Helpline 14411” intervened providing the ailing father with medical help. The CRPF’s own medical experts believed that besides the change of prescription, Wazir needed immediate medical attention in a city hospital.

The CRPF airlifted the ailing father for treatment to a government hospital in Jammu. The CRPF also traced Arif who was picked up by a battalion.

Before landing in Mumbai, Arif was working in UAE as a driver for seven years. “I met an accident there because I didn’t have proper documents. I was jailed there for 11 months that’s why I have to return back to India,” he said.

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