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Lions nap on road during South Africa’s lockdown.

 Lions nap on road during South Africa’s lockdown.

South African lions are taking advantage of the absence of the humans that flock around them during tourist season but have disappeared due to the lockdown imposed in the country to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

They were seen taking a nap on the road of the Kruger National Park by its Park ranger Richard Sowry while he was on his regular tour to check up of the wildlife.

While driving near Orpen Rest Camp on Wednesday afternoon, he spotted the lions on the road ahead and pulled up just five metres away to look at the unusual phenomenon.

As he took photos with his mobile phone, the lions did not seem bothered, most of them apparently fast asleep.

He shared the photographs on Twitter for the people who cannot visit the park right now because of the coronavirus pandemic.

These are difficult times for everyone and the intention was to bring people joy,” he said.

Usually, Sowry only sees the lions sleeping on the park’s roads on colder nights in the winter, when the tar retains quite a lot of heat.

South Africa extended its nationwide lockdown on Thursday for two weeks, but outlined a set of criteria for lifting restrictions, with coronavirus cases surging the country.

It has recorded 34 deaths of people with Covid-19 and registered 2,506 cases of infection, making it the most affected country in Africa.

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