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Sunny Leone Went To Office Without Flouting Lockdown.

 Sunny Leone Went To Office Without Flouting Lockdown.

without break blue Sunny Leone you know, and it’s important that she ‘goes’ to work. Even in lockdown. The 38-year-old actress, shared a glimpse of her new work life in a tweet, writing: “Finally made it to the office to do some phone interviews!” In the photo, a bespectacled Sunny can be seen speaking on the phone, dressed in grey formal trousers and a crop top and wearing a pair of loafers with her hair tied in a messy bun.

Hang on. She didn’t actually step out of her building apartment, she just went to the garage for the interviews. LOL. “Oh wait, I’m in the parking garage. My new life,” she added in her tweet along with loads of emojis. Take a look at Sunny Leone’s tweet here:

Sunny and Daniel are parents to three kids – they adopted Nisha Kaur Weber in 2017. Their twin sons Noah and Asher Weber were born via surrogacy last year. And hence diapers are readily available at home for making emergency face masks: “When you have just 30 secs to make an emergency face mask during evacuation,” she tweeted.

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