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Producers Guild clarifies new resume shooting.

 Producers Guild clarifies new resume shooting.

Producers Guild of India on Tuesday said they are in the process of coming up with a document, highlighting the guidelines for a resumption of shooting activities once the coronavirus pandemic settles down.

Film productions have come to a halt due to the nation wide lockdown. There were reports that cine bodies were planning to put in protocols for film shootings when things return to normalcy.

It was reported that the Producers Guild of India has drawn up a list of preventive measures to be followed by the cast and crew on set.


In a statement issued on Tuesday, Producers Guild of India clarified they are working on a document, which is in an early stage.

“A work-in-progress document prepared by the Guild of draft guidelines for a resumption of shooting activities has recently been circulating widely in the media and the industry,” the statement read.

As per the document, some of the new rules reportedly include actors will be requested to do their makeup and styling at home and report to set with only one staff member ideally and producers will be requested to allocate masks for crew members.

The Producers Guild of India said they will consult government officials and medical professionals while preparing the guidelines, before a final draft is made.

“This is to clarify that this document is only an early internal draft prepared by the Guild in preparedness for the future resumption of shooting activities. Any final safety protocols and guidelines will be formalised only after a comprehensive consultation with government officials, medical professionals and relevant industry bodies,” the statement said.

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