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NO Excess billing for power consumers: CMD Srikanth

 NO Excess billing  for power consumers: CMD Srikanth

Vijayawada: Energy Secretary and AP Transco CMD Nagulapalli Srikant here on Wednesday said that there was no excess billing for domestic power consumers. He said there was no increase in bills as four per cent of April power consumption was included in March bill as the slab rates fixed on 2018-19 power consumption.

He said the billing was made based on the power consumption during March and April months for the past five years and the bills were prepared on 50:50 basis to protect the interests of consumers.
Giving clarification on the reports of excess billing by power discoms, the CMD said that there was a drastic increase in power consumption during April this year due to lockdown.

He said when the domestic power consumption was taken into consideration for the past five years during March and April, it stands at 46 per cent and 54 per cent.

Now the bills were prepared on 50:50 per cent as the meter readings were not taken during April due to COVID 19 lockdown. He said the April bills came under below slab as 4 per cent of power consumption during April was included in March month bill.
From 2021 financial year, the slab rates depend on monthly power consumption. As a result, the consumers got low bills than real consumption during April.
In addition, the interest on security deposit of the consumer was also exempted from April bill to benefit consumers. Giving an example on the billing system, the Transco CMD said that if a person consumed 440 units (for two months March and April like 202.40 in March and 237.60 units in April), the bill was prepared based on 220 units per month to benefit the consumer.
The Transco CMD said a toll-free number was set up with No:1912 to redress the grievances of consumers on power billing.
He said a special officer was appointed for each district to redress the billing grievances.

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