Vijayawada: Krishna District Collector Md Imtiaz on Monday announced that the lockdown restrictions will be applicable to the traders in the containment zones, core and buffer areas and traders have to follow the existing rules till further orders are issued.

Moreover, the Commissioners should see that the traders are allowed to open shops on alternate days as every trader get a chance to open his shop once in every two days. Nearly 40 mandals are in Green Zone in Krishna district and these areas are located in rural Krishna. The government has given permission to open shops which deal with seeds, agriculture tools, agriculture products, tools, pump sets, motors besides provision shops, medical shops etc in all areas. In Vijayawada, nearly 20 areas are added to the containment, core and buffer zones where lockdown rules will continue till further orders are issued.

  • Vidyadharapuram, Kedareswarapet, Bhavanipuram, Auto Nagar, HB Colony, Wynch Pet, Kotha Pet, Moghalrajpuram, Krishnalanka, Payakapuram, Ayodhya Nagar, Gunadala, Gandhi Nagar, Madhura Nagar, RL Nagar etc are in the containment zones. Lockdown rules applicable to most of these containment zones and the traders can open shops from 6 am to 9 am only.

In a statement on Monday, he said the lockdown restrictions are relaxed in the Green Zone areas where the traders can open the shops from 10 am to 5 pm.

However, multiplexes, commercial complexes should remain closed until further orders are given in both urban and rural areas.

Municipal Commissioners can give permission to open the shops and they ensure that a shop located between the two shops should be closed to check to gather of people and rush.

Lockdown rules will be applied to parts of Vijayawada rural Mandal, parts of Gannavaram, Penamaluru, Chatrai, Musunuru and Nandigama mandals. Similar rules are applicable in parts of Machilipatnam, Nuzvid and Jaggaiahpet municipalities. The traders can open shops between 6 am to 9 am only. The police strictly implement lockdown rules.

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