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Dhoni’s dog disobeys him but follows wife Sakshi’s command obediently.

 Dhoni’s dog disobeys him but follows wife Sakshi’s command obediently.

The captain cool of Indian cricket, M.S. Dhoni, kneeled to a dog as his pet dog Sam didn’t bother to budge on his command. IPL team Chennai Super Kings has been uploading cute videos on Twitter, sneak peeping into the life of team’s captain M.S. Dhoni.

Recently CSK took to twitter to post an adorably cute video that features former Indian cricket team captain M.S. Dhoni, his wife Sakshi, and their cute daughter, Ziva. In the video, M.S. throws a ball high in the air supposing Sam would jump to catch it, but the pet didn’t budge to do so and chose to stand still.

Soon after this Sakshi enters the video saying, “see he won’t listen to you till Iā€™m not there,” then she commands Sam to sit, and surprisingly, the pet follows to it with utter obedience. Watch video here:

Later in the video, Ziva is seen playing around with her innocent giggles, she then takes over the ball and throws it too high in the air and Sam too follows the trajectory of the ball to catch it. As the video progresses, Sam is seen finally sitting with Dhoni and taking the ball from him after the wicketkeeper-batsman tries to hide it from him.

The cricketer was seen in a very inactive phase in the video, wearing a yellow-green tee and a fairly greyish beard.

In the 13th edition of IPL that was to be held on the 29th of March, Dhoni had to lead one of the best teams of the league Chennai Super Kings, but as coronavirus pandemic has locked the country indoors, the commencement of the series was cancelled. This turned off a lot of fans as people desperately wait for the IPL tournament every year.

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