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TDP, BJP Parties sold TTD Lands: Vellampali.

 TDP, BJP Parties sold TTD Lands: Vellampali.

Vijayawada: Minister of Endowments Vellampali demanded that the BJP state president Lakshminarayana should respond on sale of temple lands, endowments the proposal was made during the TTD rule and a sub-committee selected 53 lands of the TTD for the sale in 2016.

Addressing media at the R & B office building here on Wednesday, Srinivas said a sub-committee headed by Chadalavada Krishna Murthy and the members G Bhanu Prakash Reddy, GP Ananta, Suchitra Ella and Hari Prasad had made proposals to sell 50 lands of the TTD in 2016.

Describing Lakshminarayana’s Deeksha on May 26 against TTD’s proposal as ‘fake’, Srinivas accused him of acting at the behest of TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu. He recalled that temple lands were sold in the BJP-ruled states of Uttarakhand and Maharashtra.

He said the Bhanu Prakash Reddy, a member of the sub-committee in 2016 is a BJP leader. He questioned why the BJP leader Bhanu Prakash Reddy is not responding when the BJP and the TDP were levelling allegations on the YSRCP government on the proposed sale of TTD lands. Endowments minister said the state government would spend the money earned from the sale of properties for the development and maintenance of temples.

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