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Good news for the hospitality sector: Minister Avanti

 Good news for the hospitality sector: Minister Avanti

State Tourism Minister Avanti Srinivas said that 12 tourism festivals are being held across the country to attract tourists internationally. “During the last year’s rule, several measures were taken to improve tourism where the number of tourists increased by 21%; Control rooms have been set up at nine parts of the state for control and safety of boating operations,” he said.

Minister Avanti said the state would reopen hotels from the 8th of this month as part of the unlock 1.0. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, the minister said that the hotels are reopening on the instructions of the central government. “Online booking for green hotels is also facilitated, which is good news for the hospitality sector,” Minister asserted.

He said that the state is focusing exclusively on increasing revenue streams. Festivals and exhibitions are also being held for this purpose, he said. Avanti Srinivas said that the adventure stores at Gandikota are also attracting a large number of tourists from other states and the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department has received national awards as well. He said that a special plan for the development of sculptures and a youth exchange program for youth is also being held.

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