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Tread down hooliganism in the state: DGP Sawang

 Tread down hooliganism in the state: DGP Sawang

Vijayawada: Director general of police (DGP) D Gautam Sawang made it clear that gangsterism or hooliganism would not be entertained in the state and police would Treaddown He said stringent action would be taken against the two gangs which indulged in gang war in Vijayawada recently.

The DGP while addressing media conference at the state police office on Tuesday, said the state police give priority to ensure peace in the state and would not tolerate gangsterism. His warning comes in the wake of recent clashes between two gang over a property settlement in the city resulting in death of one person, Thota Sandeep, said to be the leader of a gang. His rival Manikatha alias Pandu was also injured in the street fight in Patamata.

The DGP said the police were investigating the case and would deal firmly with the culprits. “We received instructions from the government on gang war in Vijayawada and will deal strictly,” he said. On the other hand, the city police are collecting information on 30 members of two gangs, who created panic in Thotavari Veedhi in Patamata.

Two gangs used knives, iron rods and other weapons to attack each other. The police nabbed most members and are questioning the motive behind the fight. They are also collecting social media postings of the members of gangs and trying to find links with other criminals and political leaders. The two gang leaders had allegedly indulged in property settlements in Vijayawada and in parts of Guntur district.

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