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A new headache to cops in Hyderabad, Tampered number plates.

 A new headache to cops in Hyderabad, Tampered number plates.

Hyderabad: Tampering with vehicle registration number by a few miscreants has become a bane for genuine motorists, who are getting a challan from the traffic police for no fault of them.

While the miscreants were found to be committing traffic violations by tampering with the registration number of their bike, the actual motorcycle owners were getting the challan. Annoyed over the challans, the owners are approaching the police to sort out the issue.

A few days ago, a motorcyclist from Secunderabad got a challan asking him to pay a fine of Rs 100 for driving without a helmet at Uppal crossroads. When he verified, the vehicle model was not matching with his newly purchased bike.

The person, who was driving at Uppal crossroads, was using Activa. However, the challan was issued to motorcyclist from Secunderabad. The registration number on Activa was similar to that of the vehicle owned by the motorcyclist from Secunderabad.

Traffic police officials, however, said those, who got the wrong challan, can consult the traffic police to rectify the issue. The vehicle owners would get an SMS, which can be showed if traffic police intercept them anywhere in the city for perusal and the vehicle owner needs not to pay the fine.

They said most miscreants were found to be tampering with the registration number of their bike to escape from getting a challan to them for committing traffic violations. “If we find that anyone is driving with a tampered number plate, we will book a cheating case against him under Section 420 of IPC,” an official said.

He said the police acquired relevant software to trace persons, who are driving with tampered number plates. For instance, in Rachakonda Police Commissionerate, over 4,000 challans are issued every day against violators. Of these, at least three challans were found to be related to tampered or fake number plates.

In Hyderabad, the police booked as many as 1,15,122 cases related to improper number plates in 2019 while 24,955 cases pertained to those who are driving without number plates, officials said.

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