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Brahma Kumari Shivani suggests, meditation and spiritual study to deal with stress during COVID19.

 Brahma Kumari Shivani suggests, meditation and spiritual study to deal with stress during COVID19.

Motivational and Spiritual speaker Brahma Kumari Shivani or Sister Shivani says that the vibrations around the world have turned negative with the escalating coronavirus pandemic. People are stressed and there is a wave of panic among them with the alarming rate of COVId-19 cases. She says that while feeling stress and panic is normal in this situation, one needs to control the mind and send positive energy to the surroundings. She says our mind should not be dependent on what is happening outside but should deal with what is happening inside. If a person is able to control his mind, he can fight any battle.

BK Shivani says that all religions preach the same thing in different languages. It is important that we live our religion in the time of COVID-19. She also explains that every person responds to the situations differently but it is our moral responsibility to take care of our minds in order to not create problems for others and also take care of the people around us. This makes life worth living and gives strength to fight every situation.

She explains that whatever happens on the earth is because of the deeds of human beings. She says our deeds play a major role in determining our present as well as the future. There is no point living in the past. she stresses that what we have done in the past is already done and cannot be changed but what matters is how we change our deeds for the present and the future of mankind.

She says we create our own thoughts and work accordingly during eating, sleeping or working. She suggests taking out one hour in the morning for ourselves and do spiritual study to fill ourselves with positive energy daily. She says that a mind cannot work without getting charged up with good thoughts in the morning. She also encourages to devote time to meditation in order to relax the mind and lead a healthy life

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