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“India Not In Community Transmission,” Assures ICMR

 “India Not In Community Transmission,” Assures ICMR

Cornavirus in India: With the everyday spike in number of coronavirus cases in the country, the tally has been pushed  to nearly 2.86 lakh cases. India is now the fifth worst-hit country by the pandemic. However, Centre has assured that there is no community transmission of Covid-19 at the national level in India. Speaking at a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Director General Balram Bhargava said that “India is not in community transmission. However, we have to continue with our strategy of testing, tracing, tracking, quarantine and containment measures.” 

Elaborating on the same, Balram Bhargava clarified that India is such a large country and the prevalence is so low. The prevalence is less than one per cent in small districts. “It is slightly higher in the urban areas. In the containment areas, it may be slightly higher. But, we are definite that India is not in community transmission,” the ICMR Chief added.

Bhargava further said that the States cannot lower their guard and need to keep on implementing effective surveillance and containment strategies preventing the spread of COVID19.

Speaking of the effectiveness lockdown, professor said that “We found that about 0.73% of the population in 15 districts showed a prevalence of past exposure to infection. It means that lockdown measures were successful in keeping it low and preventing rapid spread.”

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on the occasion of its 95th annual plenary session, via video conferencing, said that the while the world is fighting the pandemic, India has to convert the corona pandemic into a turning point for India’s growth.

PM said while the whole world is fighting the coronavirus, India’s fight has been coupled with other crises like floods, locust attack, ‘Pongopal’ havoc, hailstorms, fire in Assam oil-field, and small earthquakes. “Every single person in fighting against the pandemic, but in the midst of all this, every countryman is now also filled with the resolve that this disaster is to be converted into an opportunity, we have to make it a big turning point of the country,” he said.

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