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Vijayawada wore desert look as reimpose lockdown

 Vijayawada wore desert look as reimpose lockdown

Vijayawada: District Collector Md Imtiaz issued orders for the lockdown in 42 municipal divisions. Wholesale trading areas in one town, Gollapudi, Bhavanipuram, Hanuman Pet and other areas were in the containment zones.

Curfew like situation prevailed in the old city and other containment areas in Vijayawada on Wednesday with the fresh lockdown restrictions imposed in the city by the district administration as more than 120 cases reported in the district during the last six days. Busy commercial areas wore a deserted look and people were prohibited from coming out of their homes in many areas of the city.

Vastralata, the biggest textile and cloth shopping complex in the district, Krishnaveni cloth shopping complex, Kaleswara Rao market and other shops, commercial complexes closed down since morning. Hundreds of police patrolled the street due to the fresh lockdown imposed in 42 divisions of the city. Due to rise of Covid-19 positive cases in the city

Un-lockdown 1.0′ began on June 8 in the city with the reopening of restaurants, shopping malls and hotels after the gap of 70 days. Consequently, a large number of people came out of homes and visited the shops, hotels, restaurants and other places. Pitiful condition is that approximately 30 per cent people are not wearing masks in public places and on roads. Physical distance goes for a toss as people are seen overcrowded in many places like grocery shops, textile shops, electrical and home appliance showrooms, fancy shops, fish markets, mutton and chicken shops.

Keeping in view of the dangerous situation of increasing Covid-19 positive cases and more people get infected, the district administration decided to implement the lockdown again. This is the only option left for the district administration to control the overcrowding of people in public places. The rise in a number of cases in recent days hints that community spread already in the city and it may become out of control if the lockdown is not implemented again in the city.

District Collector Md Imtiaz Inspect,ordered Complete Durga flyover by Aug 15

 District Collector Md Imtiaz on Wednesday directed the officials to complete the Durga temple flyover construction works by August 15. He inspected the flyover construction works at Bhavanipuram and Kummaripalem.

Speaking on the occasion, he said the government will give permission to work 300 workers to complete the project works by August 15. National Highways officials and Soma construction representatives have explained the progress of the works. They will submit the reports of new works to be taken up to complete the project.

More than three years passed since the flyover construction works started to connect the Krishnalanka to Bhavanipuram junction. It is estimated that more than 80 per cent works completed. National Highways Superintending engineer John Moshe and other officials present on the occasion.

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