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Ex-cricketer Jayamohan Thampi was killed son suspicion.

 Ex-cricketer Jayamohan Thampi was killed son suspicion.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Former  Ranji Trophy cricketer Jayamohan Thampi was allegedly murdered after he asked elder son Ashwin to hand him back his purse and the ATM card, the police probe has revealed. Jayamohan was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his house near Manacaud on Monday morning, which the police later found out was a case of patricide. Fort Assistant Commissioner R Prathapan said Ashwin had got hold of his father’s ATM card and purse and was using the money for his personnel needs.

A scuffle broke out between the father-son duo during a binge session on Saturday when Jayamohan demanded his son to immediately return the ATM card and purse. “This demand precipitated a quarrel between the two. In the ensuing brawl, Ashwin attacked his father that led to his death,” said Prathapan. The autopsy report stated that the injury sustained on Jayamohan’s head resulted in his death. As per the police, three wounds were found on the body. Ashwin reportedly hit his father on his face first using his fist while they were in the sit-out of the house, a police source said. “He then banged his father’s forehead on the wall.

After Jayamohan fell to the ground, Ashwin caught hold of his hair and banged the back of his head on the floor. No weapons were used for committing the murder,” said the police source. A woman staying in the neighbourhood told the police that she had seen Ashwin dragging his father from the sit-out to the hall. Ashwin left Jayamohan in the hall and went to his room, the sources added. Jayamohan, the sources said, had been suffering from liver cirrhosis and that worsened internal bleeding, which ultimately led to his death.

The son, however, was not aware of his father’s death as he had been in an inebriated state since the incident till Monday. It was the visit of a Kudumbashree worker that blew the lid off the incident. After sensing the foul odour emanating from the ground floor, the woman told this to the tenants staying on the first floor. Upon inspecting the house, they found Jayamohan’s body in a decomposed state. Neighbours and the tenants told the police that the father and son regularly used to fight after drinking. Ashwin was a chef, but relied on Jayamohan for financial needs and this was the bone of contention between the two.

The police identified the person who had supplied alcohol to them on Saturday. However, the police found out that he had no role in the crime.

He had worked with the State Bank of India and retired as its deputy general manager. He used to keep a cordial relationship with his friends till the death of his wife Anitha two years back. “After that, he cut off his social interactions and remained aloof. He was in a state of depression and the family issues of Ashwin worsened his condition,” the friend said. The police said they have collected all evidence to nail the accused and may not seek his custody.

Police say Ashwin banged Jayamohan’s head on the wall and floor. The injury sustained on Jayamohan’s head resulted in his death

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