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Over 50 Per Cent Of COVID-19 Cases InTen Cities

 Over 50 Per Cent Of COVID-19 Cases InTen Cities

 India on Saturday achieved the undesirable mark of 3 lakh coronavirus cases after the country reported a spike of 11,458 infections. With this, India has become the fourth worst-hit country in the world with over 3 lakh COVID-19 cases and nearly 9,000 deaths.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, however, says that the recovery rate in India has improved to 49.94 per cent as over 1.54 lakh people have been cured and discharged from hospitals. It has also said that the doubling rate of the virus has improved 17.4 days which was 3.4 days at the time of lockdown on March 25.

As the number of coronavirus cases continue to rise at an alarming level in the country, here’s a list of cities that are worst-hit by the highly contagious virus:


Mumbai continues to be the worst affected city in India with 55,451 COVID-19 cases and over 2,000 deaths. Mumbai has more cases than several countries like Sweden, Netherlands, Egypt and the UAE.  


The national capital has also been one of the worst-hit state in India by the deadly infection. So far, the city-state has reported 36,824 COVID-19 cases and 1,214 deaths.


Chennai has reported 70 per cent of COVID-19 cases of Tamil Nadu. The city has reported more than 27,000 cases out of the 38,716 in the state.


Maharashtra’s Thane has also been severely affected by the deadly virus. So far, the highly contagious coronavirus has affected over 16,000 in the city while more than 400 people have succumbed to the infection.


Gujarat’s capital has also been severely affected by coronavirus. It has reported nearly 16,000 coronavirus cases and out of the 22,527 in the state so far. 1,139 have also died because of coronavirus in the city.


Pune is the third worst-hit city in Maharashtra by COVID-19. So far, the city has reported 9,581 coronavirus cases and 419 deaths.


Indore is the worst-hit district in Madhya Pradesh by the deadly coronavirus. So far, the novel infection has affected 3,972 people and claimed the lives of 164 in the city so far.


Jaipur remains the worst-hit city in Rajasthan. Jaipur accounts for 21 per cent of total 12,000 coronavirus cases in the state. The city so far has reported 2,449 COVID-19 cases.


Jodhpur continues to remain the second worst-hit city in Rajasthan with over 2,000 coronavirus cases.


According to the data provided by the Gujarat government, Surat is also one of the worst-hit city in Gujarat. Surat has reported more than 2,300 coronavirus cases and more than 90 deaths so far.

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