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Tribal people have lost jobs, Chandra Babu, CM Jagan protect rights of tribals: DyCM Pushpavani

 Tribal people have lost  jobs, Chandra Babu, CM Jagan protect rights of tribals: DyCM Pushpavani

TDP President N Chandra Babu accused the YSJagan Government not to harm the interests of the Tribal people by ignoring the GO 3. It has been implemented for over two decades benefitting and empowering many tribal people. Now, the Tribal people have lost their right to teaching jobs. This loss is bound to have a retrograde effect on the development of the Tribals as a whole, he reiterated.

He said the Government was not showing sincerity and empathy towards implementing the GO No 3 brought on January 10, 2000. This GO reserves all the posts of teachers in the schools situated in the scheduled areas in Andhra Pradesh with local Scheduled Tribe candidates only out of whom 33 per cent shall be women.

YS Jagan GOVT Protected Tribals rights: Deputy CM Pushpa Sreevani

Tribal people rights will be protected by bringing new legislation if needed, said the Deputy Chief Minister Pamula Pushpa Sreevani, in the wake of quashing a Government Order No 3, dated January 10, 2000, by the Supreme Court recently.

It is worth mentioning here that she held a review meeting with the Tribal Advisory Committee (TAC) on the same issue, which also accepted the proposal to bring new legislation to safeguard the rights of the Tribes.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy assured that he discussed the issue with the legal experts and will initiate the necessary measures. Considering the special circumstances in the Tribal areas, the Deputy Chief Minister observed that the Tribal teachers only could deliver best teaching at the schools located in Tribal areas.

Pushpa Sreevani said that it will reduce the number of dropouts and help in improving education among the local children. With that view only, the GO No 3 was introduced in the past, she observed. Meanwhile, she also said that as the GO was issued during the united Andhra Pradesh, the same problem is being faced by Telangana also and both the states could together solve the problem.

At this juncture, the AP government has been contemplating to bring a new Act apart from filing a Review Petition in the Supreme Court.

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