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Agriculture operations surpass the normal cultivation area in Telangana.

 Agriculture operations surpass the normal cultivation area in Telangana.

Hyderabad: With timely arrival of monsoon and availability of assured water resources, farm operations picked up pace in the State for Vaanakalam season, with cultivation commencing in around 34.53 lakh acres (33 per cent) as against the cultivable area of 1.03 crore acres in the State. During previous Vaanakalam season, only 2.6 lakh acres was under cultivation as on date.

As per the suggestions made by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, farmers took to cultivation of cotton which has emerged as the main crop commencing cultivation in about 26.41 lakh acres (59 per cent) against the normal cultivation area of 44.5 lakh acres. The officials are expecting the cotton cultivation to surpass the normal cultivation area. Though the normal cultivation area remains to be around 1.03 lakh acres, the officials are confident that agricultural operations will be taken up in nearly 1.35 lakh acres and necessary arrangements like seeds and fertilisers are being made for the same.

Farmers are taking up sowing operations as the monsoon is active across the State. The paddy nurseries are being raised under assured irrigation sources, and about 62,019 acres of normal area of 27.25 lakh acres is under paddy cultivation as on Thursday. Sowing of rainfed crops like, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Ragi, Groundnut, Sesamum, pulses, Soybean, Cotton and others, has commenced. While pulses farming has started in about 3.85 lakh acres against normal cultivation area of 10.56 lakh acres, oil seeds are under cultivation in around 2.6 lakh acres against normal cultivation area of 6.44 lakh acres.

Officials stated that raising of paddy nurseries and sowing of rainfed crops will be in full swing in the next two weeks. The Agriculture department is taking all necessary steps to make available required quantities of various crop seeds and fertilisers to the farmers during the ongoing Vaanakalam season.

Adilabad has remained in the forefront when compared to other districts with agricultural activities reaching 93 per cent of total cultivated area of 4.85 lakh acres. Farm operations are yet to pick up pace in the districts of Jagtial and Wanaparthy respectively achieving only four per cent and five per cent of their total cultivable area.

The State recorded an average rainfall of 12.37 cm against normal rainfall of 10.24 cm displaying 40 per cent increase in rainfall between June 1 and June 24 this season. Adequate irrigation water is also available in various water bodies with all the major reservoirs holding around 325.24 tmc as on Wednesday. It stood at 190.87 tmc during June last year.

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