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Warangal Commissioner goes extra mile to help sanitary workers.

 Warangal Commissioner goes extra mile to help sanitary workers.

Warangal : While a majority of the government officials just follow the rule book, some of them try to be innovative in implementing the schemes and some others go beyond call of duty and win the hearts of the people.

In one such instance, Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC) Commissioner Pamela Satpathy has raised Rs 20 lakh on her own to make a contingency fund for the welfare of the workers, mainly sanitary workers, of the civic body. While Rs 11 lakh was spent for the health of the workers and employees, yet, Rs 9 lakh is available in the fund as on today.

 Pamela Satpathy said, “I could raise the funds with the help of my friend Dr Shanta Thoutam who is from Warangal, and my school friends. We raised the money as I was unable to help fully in my official capacity for the sudden health emergency of field workers who were not the government employees. We procured PPE kits, gloves and caps with some of that money collected. The credit goes to Shanta Thoutam who looked after the entire fund raising from different good Samaritans”.

Before assuming the office as the Commissioner of GWMC, Pamlea worked as the Director of Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Land Acquisition. She also worked as Sub-Collector for Bhadrachalam.

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