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“No Women is for sale No Girl is for sale”: Vasireddy Padma

 “No Women is for sale No Girl is for sale”: Vasireddy Padma

Andhra Pradesh Women’s Commission, led by the Chairperson of the Andhra Pradesh Women’s Commission Mrs. Vasireddy Padma conducted a webinar on
“Human Illegal Transport-Prevention Measures ” in collaboration with Red Rope NGO and University . Stringent action on human trafficking taken by Anti-Human Trafficking Units while the village volunteers, ward volunteers are playing a key role.
Awareness seminars on illegal transport to be held in universities and colleges. The Chairperson informed that an action plan is being drawn up to manage.

Dr. P.M Nair, retired DGP, lectured to the youth at this National Seminar, highlighting the need for raising awareness on human trafficking.

Shri. Tambi, Vision Rescue Organisation, spoke on the essentiality of education to raise awareness on social issues.

Dr. Sangeetha, Proactive Health trust, commented that education with values need to be imparted, human rights and child rights need to taught to children.

Shri. Manoj IPS, Addl.DGP, Kerala spoke on cyber crimes, Smt. Sumathi, IPS. DIG, Women Protection Cell, Hyderabad spoke on the role of Law and Order in preventing illegal human trafficking, Shri. Sonu Kutti George spoke on human trafficking and human rights.

The webinar was led by the slogan
“No Women is for sale”
“No Girl is for sale”

On this occasion, short films on prevention of child marriage and illegal organ transportation were released

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