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Out of 11 hours TDP got 2.17 hours to debated bills in assembly:Tamineni.

 Out of 11 hours TDP got 2.17 hours to debated bills in assembly:Tamineni.

Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh assembly speaker Tammineni Sitaram made key remarks regarding the three capital and the CRDA repeal bills. He said that the decentralization bills were debated in the house for 11 hours including 2.17 hours given for opposition party. “Despite TDP has no good number of members in the house more time was given to the opposition,” speaker opined.

He found fault with TDP and asserted that it is incorrect to say that there was no discussion on the actual bills. Meanwhile, he said that the courts should not interfere in the decisions taken by the Assembly, adding to that he recalled Yanamala Ramakrishnudu’s words where he had given the ruling that courts should not interfere into the decisions made by assembly when he was the Speaker of the Assembly in 1997.

Tammineni questioned how far it reasonable to object the ministers who went to council on behalf of government. Tammineni said some were misinforming the court that the capital decentralization and CRDA bills were on the select committee.

He questioned how the original select committee would be pending when it was not formed. “Voting should definitely take place if it is to be sent to the select committee and how the select committee will be formed if that does not happen,” Tammineni said. Tammineni demurred as to why Chandrababu did not ask in the Legislative Assembly to send the bills to the select committee.

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