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‘Back to home’: Hours before death, Air India Express passenger posted selfie with wife, daughter.

 ‘Back to home’: Hours before death, Air India Express passenger posted selfie with wife, daughter.

Sharafu Pilassery, one of the deceased passengers of Dubai-Kozhikode Air India Express flight that crashed while landing at Kerala’s Karipur Airport on Friday, had posted a selfie with his wife and daughter just before the takeoff. “Back to home”, he wrote in his last Facebook post, along with a picture of the trio inside the plane. They all were in PPE kits to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Little did Pilassery knew about his fate as the plane broke in two after overshooting the runway while landing at the airport amid heavy rains. He died during the treatment at Baby Memorial Hospital while his wife and daughter sustained serious injuries and are kept under the observation of a medical team.

According to a report published in The News Minute, Pilassery wife Ameena Sherin is stable while daughter Isa Fathima is battling for her life in the hospital.

The 35-year-old was returning home in Kozhikode’s Kunnamangalam from Dubai where he had been working for some time and lived wife his wife and daughter. He got the tickets of the Vande Bharat repatriation flight for a medical emergency, the report added.

Had donated money to help stranded people

Pilassery’s friend Shafi Parakkulam, who runs his own business in Dubai, recounted his last days in the city in a heart-wrenching Facebook post. He had gone to meet Shafi to his hotel before leaving for his hometown in Kerala. Pilassery was a kind man, who also gave money to his friend in Dubai to provide food and help to those who are stranded.

Before he left to Kerala, he came to my hotel to say goodbye. He was upset and said, ‘I don’t know why but I feel tensed about going back home,’. I almost feel like he had a premonition about what would happen. He gave me money and told me to use it to give food to those who are stranded and those who don’t have jobs,” Shafi wrote in his Facebook post.

എന്റെ കൂട്ടുകാരൻ ഷറഫു ഇന്നത്തെ ഫ്ലൈറ്റ് അപകടത്തിൽ മരണപ്പെട്ട വാർത്ത വളരെ വേദനയോടെയാണ് കേട്ടത്.. 😪😪
നാട്ടിലേക്ക് പുറപ്പെടും മുമ്പ് യാത്ര പറയാൻ എന്റെ ഹോട്ടലിൽ വന്നിരുന്നു.. 😞
എന്തോ എന്നത്തേക്കാളും ഇന്നൊരു പ്രത്യേക ടെൻഷൻ തോന്നുന്നു എന്നൊക്കെ പറഞ്ഞു കരഞ്ഞു..
എന്തോ ഒരപകടം മുൻകൂട്ടി കണ്ടപോലെ.. ☹️…
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At least 18 people, including both the pilots, were killed and dozens injured after the Dubai-Kozhikode Air India flight (IX-1344) skidded off the tabletop runway at Karipur Airport and plunged into a 35 feet deep gorge. The plane broke in two with severe damage to the cockpit

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