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New Industrial Development Policy to creating employment: Mekapati.

 New Industrial Development Policy to creating employment: Mekapati.

Minister of Industries Mekapati Gautam Reddy said that infrastructure has been provided at three ports and airports in the state. Entrepreneurs said they were creating a conducive environment for investment in the state. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that every promise given will be implemented

A new industrial policy has been released to create jobs in the state. Speaking to media after unveiling the new industrial policy, the minister said that the industrial policy released today was just an industrial policy and that an IT policy would be released soon. He said conditions would change after the coronavirus subsided.

Speaking on the new industrial policy, APIIC Chairperson, MLA Roja said, “Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has also given priority to women in industrial policy. “We are giving land price, GST, electricity and interest concessions to women to set up industries and incentives were provided to SC, ST, BC and minorities,” Roja said. She said the credit for giving priority to minorities for the first time goes to CM YS Jagan. She said 47,000 acres of land would be allotted to APIIC in the coming days to set up industries.

Mekapati said we won’t deceive industrialists as the previous government had done and assured that they would do exactly what they said in the policy. It was revealed that the plan is to expand industries in all areas. “We are giving skilled man power to industries like no other state in the country,” he said. He said there would be nothing else for big subsidized industries like this. Minister Gautam Reddy said the new industrial policy has given confidence to the youth of the state over employment.

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