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YS Jagan polices lopsided crippling all sectors of the State economy:Chandra Babu.

 YS Jagan polices lopsided  crippling all sectors of the State economy:Chandra Babu.

TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu stated that Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to stop implementing its lopsided policies as they were crippling agriculture, irrigation, industry and all sectors of the State needed commitment and credibility of the leader but not multi-capitals, addressing at a press conference on Monday.

All the policies of the State government are anti-development and the Chief Minister did not spend even a single rupee on asset creation so far, he criticised. He said that the path of the Jagan was devastating to the state but not for the development of the people in all regions. The state government was keener on harassing the opposition leaders, misleading the public on the coronavirus pandemic, committing atrocities on innocent people, but not taking proactive steps to prevent and contain the spread of the virus, he added

Naidu appealed to people to think carefully whether they would like to have ‘true development’ brought by the previous TDP government or ‘true destruction’ being caused by the present YSRCP Government. Naidu said that the ruling party leaders had only focused on Amaravati demolition and suppression of different sections of people in the past 15 months. Consequently, all the developmental projects launched by the TDP came under stress.

While TDP launched hundreds of big projects for development and prosperity in all the 13 districts in three regions, the YSRCP followed a totally destructive priority. As a result, the people were getting badly affected along with their future generations.

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