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Monsoon fury losses estimated at Rs 10,000 crore in Karnataka.

 Monsoon fury losses estimated at Rs 10,000 crore in Karnataka.

BENGALURU: The loss due to monsoon fury is estimated to be close to Rs 10,000 crore, as per the latest assessment. Based on the initial assessment, the government had sought Rs 4,000 crore financial assistance from the Centre and now a detailed report is being prepared.

At least 13 districts received more rains from August 1 till date and hundreds of villages are affected by floods. As per the Karnataka Disaster Management Authority, 18 human and 42 animals deaths occurred between August 1 and August 12. While 125 houses are completely damaged, 3,639 are partially damaged.

This apart, 43,827 hectares of agriculture land and 48,696 hectares of horticulture land are damaged in just ten days’ rain. At least 3,500 people are in 109 relief camps in various districts including Kodagu and Belagavi. As per the initial estimate, about 50 to 100 roads and bridges were damaged.

“We have given a prescribed format to engineers and village panchayat officials to provide the loss estimation of roads, bridges and culverts.  As per the latest data, 16,633 km of roads are damaged, some partially and some completely worn out. This includes National Highways, State Highways and district roads,” said a senior official from the Public Works Department.


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