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President Ram Nath Kovind Addresses Nation On The Eve Of 74th Independence Day.

 President Ram Nath Kovind Addresses Nation On The Eve Of 74th Independence Day.

New Delhi: President Ram Nath Kovind on Friday evening addressed the nation on the occasion of 74th Independence Day. The address was aired at 7 am on the national network of All India Radio (AIR) and on all Doordarshan channels in Hindi, followed by the English translation of the same. 

“It gives me great pleasure to greet all the people of India, living in the country and abroad, on the eve of the 74th Independence Day,” President said in his opening remarks.

“We are fortunate that Mahatma Gandhi became the guiding light of our freedom movement. I am glad to see the younger generations re-discover Gandhiji,” Ram Nath Kovind said.

Further speaking about the Coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the country, President said: “The celebrations of Independence Day this year will be rather restrained. The reason is obvious. The whole world confronts a deadly virus which has disrupted all activities and taken a huge toll. It has altered the world we lived in before the pandemic.”

President also said that it is very reassuring to note that, the central government, while anticipating the tremendous challenge, responded effectively and well in time.

“All state governments took measures in accordance with local circumstances. People also supported wholeheartedly. With our committed efforts, we have succeeded in containing the magnitude of the pandemic and saving a large number of lives. This is worth emulating by the wider world” he said.

“The nation is indebted to doctors, nurses and other health workers who have been continuously on the forefront of our fight against this virus. Unfortunately, many of them have lost their lives battling the pandemic. They are our national heroes,” he said.

President also said that all Corona Warriors deserve high praise adding that they go much beyond their call of duty to save lives and ensure essential services.

“Amid this crisis, cyclone Amphan hit us in West Bengal and Odisha. Amid such onslaughts of disasters, it is gratifying to see all sections of society coming together to help those in distress,” he said.

“The poor and daily wage-earners are the worst hit by the pandemic. In order to support them through this phase of crisis, virus containment-efforts have been supplemented by welfare interventions,” President added.

President concluded his speech by congratulating the countrymen on the eve of 74th Independence Day wishing good health and a bright future.

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