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Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan will launch the start of the art technological upgrade: Avanthi

 Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan will launch the start of the art technological upgrade: Avanthi

The Bapu Museum has been modernized with digital technology. When scanned with a smartphone, the sculptures and images tell their story The latest advancement will be unveiled by the Chief Minister soon, Tourism Minister Muthamsetti Srinivas (Avanthi Srinivas).

Everyone who comes to Vijayawada should visit the Bapu Museum, which is of great historical significance. Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan will launch the start of the art technological upgrade, Tourism Minister Muthamsetti Srinivas said.

State Tourism Minister Muthamsetti Srinivas on Wednesday visited the Bapu Museum in Vijayawada. He tested the advanced digital display technology installed in the building of the museum premises and examined sculptures and artifacts.

Speaking on the occasion Minister Muthamsetti Srinivas the Bapu Museum ‌located in the heart of Vijayawada city, has a rich history. Many rare and very valuable ancient, rock treasure. These are the rarest items. Department of Archeology has been collecting these over many years which is a great thing while preserving such incredible wealth.

We have a responsibility to protect and provide for future generations. The museum is worth Rs 5 crore The building is state-of-the-art upgraded at a cost of Rs 8 crore to provide archeological artifacts to future generations. Soon after, Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy will unveil and necessary arrangements are being made. He said that India has a rich history and culture. Indian Greats like Swami Vivekananda have mentioned that it is a holy land and a land of rituals. Inspired by their history, we need to pass on our culture to the future. The Minister congratulated Commissioner G. Vanimohan and other officials who have worked hard to develop the museum.

The museum was designed to present the Ancient, Middle, Modern History in a detailed manner.

He said Commissioner Vani Mohan had played a key role in making the developing the spectacular Bapu Museum and Kondapalli Fort.

Like the Hyderabad Salarjung museum, tourists visiting Vijayawada will be inspired to ​​visit the Bapu Museum and necessary arrangement are being made.

Commissioner Vanimohan said that the sculptures and paintings tell their story through QR code. Commissioner of Museums and Archeology G. Vanimohan said that there is a lot to look for in the Bapu Museum.

She said there are 1500 antiques of various types of valuable, rare. A testament to the history of millions of years

The archeological treasures are preserved in 7 galleries in the museum. Various antiquities used from primitive man to modern man, many of these are artefacts, textiles, etc. This is funded by the Central and State Governments.

The museum was said to have been developed with most modern set up here like nowhere else in the country.

By touch with digital display technology or scanning the QR code in front of the object with a smartphone will show about them

She said they would tell all the details like history. The museum was renamed the Victoria Museum in 1887 The All Indian Congress Committee meeting held here in 1921 witnessed the presentation of the tricolor flag designed by Pingali to Mahatma Gandhi.

Commissioner Muthamsetti Srinivas, who first visited the Bapu Museum, was received by Commissioner Vani Mohan at the Museum.

Various sculptures, antiques and their historical significance are displayed through modern digital display technology. Archaeological officials Swaminayak and Suresh were present on the occasion.

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