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23, the number that keeps haunting Chandrababu Naidu!:Sailaja Reddy

 23, the number that keeps haunting Chandrababu Naidu!:Sailaja Reddy

23, the number that keeps haunting Chandrababu Naidu!

In an interview with our Staff, Mrs. Sailaja Charan Reddy, YSRCP State Women wing Principal Coordinator, Regional Coordinator and Puthalapati Constituency in-charge believes there is a sinister reason for it.

T Republic: The TDP has succumbed to a 23 seat tally, the worst ever performance in its history. Owing to various factors and YS Jagan wave. You said there is something more than what meets the eye.

Mrs Sailaja: Yes! there is, in order to understand we need to look back 25 years on 23rd August 1995. The Coup of 1995 led by Chandrababu against his own father in law, the Chief Minister at that time.

T Republic: So, you believe this has some sort of supernatural connection.

Mrs Sailaja: Of course, Ramoji is undoubtedly the winner of the day. Ten came, twenty came, 60, 70, 150 came and the bell rang for an hour and frightened the MLAs. In fact, only 12 MLAs from the Madhav Reddy faction are behind Chandrababu. The Madhav Reddy faction convened with just the intention of putting pressure on NTR to put pressure on all and reduce Lakshmi Parvati’s interference. Chandrababu, Ramoji and Venkaiah took the opportunity to execute the rest of the conspiracy.

TRepublic: Well, Chandrababu Naidu has a different side to the story and has been reiterating, he did what has to be done.

Mrs Sailaja: These are not mere allegations, late NTR garu himself said in an interview that trusting Chandrababu was the biggest mistake of his life.

The MLAs were not even told about the coup on NTR until they met the governor. They were made to believe that it was an attempt to put pressure on NTR to keep Lakshmi Parvati under control till the last minute.

The same demand was made when Tamil superstar Rajinikanth came to the Viceroy Hotel at the last minute. Rajinikanth spoke to NTR and came back to the hotel and asked the dissenting Mlas to leave the camp saying that NTR had agreed to all the demands. Chandrababu pretended to agree to that.

He also convinced Rajini that he would convince the rest of the MLAs that he had no ill intentions in this and bring everyone to NTR.

Rajinikanth, who believed in Chandrababu, came out of the hotel and told reporters ‘NTR is Always Lion’ and will remain the Chief Minister.

The secretary of NTR, also gave false advice to the NTR to join hands with Chandrababu and Ramoji to dissolve the assembly. As soon as the announcement was made, Ramoji broke the news with breaking news, threatening everyone that the assembly would be dissolved and that NTR would not give tickets again to any of the present MLAs.

As expected by Chandrababu and Ramoji, the news of the dissolution of the assembly led to insecurity among the MLAs. He then completed the rest of the thread to convince the MLAs that the only way to avoid the dissolution of the assembly was to get NTR down and elect Chandrababu as the CM, and that Chandrababu would also be the CM temporarily, after which NTR would be the CM again.

If Ramoji and Chandrababu managed the courts, the governor, the media, the people and finally the NTR family in those days, then this generation of youth should know how genius they are.

Did you know that Ramoji used to be so clever that everyone joined Chandrababu’s caucus?

If there was social media these days, people would tear into the conspirators.

Note: The views expressed are those of the interviewee Mrs. Sailaja and not those of True Republic channel.

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