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CM Jagan great visionary: Dycm Krishna das.

 CM Jagan great visionary: Dycm Krishna das.

CM Jagan is all action, practical, less talk: Dy CM Dharmana Krishna Das

Special interview with Hon. Dy CM

Deeksha: A year has passed since YS Jagan govt started governance, what are your thoughts on the ongoing way of things as a Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Revenue.

Dy Cm Dharmana Krishna Das: It has been over a year since we formed the Govt, starting from day one, CM Jagan had made his intentions very clear, he chose to govern in a way that the ‘by the people and for the people’ notion came true in every sense, Govt should be for everyone and not for some individuals or a party, inline to that, he started implementing the manifesto in its entirety. Our priorities have been education, health and agriculture. When we can increase literacy rate, the standards of living will increase, in turn the poverty will decrease.  

Today, education has become a luxury, the poor couldn’t afford it. Public has been preferring private educational institutions nevertheless, on account of the lack of basic infrastructure and enriching atmosphere in Govt schools. To change this scenario our Govt with an iron will started providing basic amenities at Govt schools through Nadu-Nedu, 15,000 rupees incentives are directly deposited into the accounts of mothers through Amma Vodi.

Having good health is every individual’s top priority. Life is precious and we go to any extent to save our lives. Healthcare is a costly affair, many that can’t afford quality healthcare have succumbed. Revolution has begun when late Dr. YSR, ex-CM’s brainchild Rajeev Aarogya Sri which helped millions of poor receive healthcare, the consecutive Govt buried the scheme and it was CM Jagan who breathed life into it again, by enlarging the scope of beneficiaries. Medical bill exceeding 1000 rupees, entitles the beneficiary for Aarogya Sri reimbursement. Even in this Corona pandemic, the Chief Minister proved his capability by taking necessary measures in advance, even before many experienced Chief Ministers, he devised a plan be it zones containment or increasing the number of tests. Ap has been in the fore front in number of tests.

A huge fleet of 108,104 ambulances were launched to cater healthcare to the ground level.

Deeksha: One criticism your Govt has been facing is the implementation of decentralization of capital, the staunch opposition by political parties and the impending cases in High Court.

Dy Cm Dharmana Krishna Das: During the time of bifurcation our state has lost its capital Hyderabad which has been developed over 60-70 years. We lost a primary source of income. Then, the humongous task of developing a capital fell on then TDP Govt. Though, I don’t completely discredit Chandrababu for his thought of developing a world class capital, the existing finances couldn’t comply. The State reeled under huge debt while there is not much to show for. Many in the state are suffering from lack of basic amenities, it is essential to uplift them while developing the state. We can’t again do the same mistake of centered development as we already faced a huge loss after bifurcation. If we can decentralize development, we would reduce dissent among the people. In my region, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram districts are quite backward. People there lack minimum amenities for a decent living, it is quite illogical and inhumane to develop only a certain region while starving the other regions. We can never do the same mistake as done before. Upliftment of all is our agenda.  

Deeksha: Other criticism from the opposition is that your Govt has focused on welfare while development is lagging. What plans does your Govt have to balance welfare and development?

Dy Cm Dharmana Krishna Das: It has been just over a year, we can’t just come to a conclusion just like that after a year. Whatever Cm Jagan has been doing is part of the party’s manifesto, nothing is done which is not said before. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is less talk and more action, he is quite the administrator and I am confident he has a well devised plan for development. Patience is the key, there is much more to come.

Deeksha: Before your party came to power, Ys Jagan and your party members have made accusations of corruption in Polavaram and other Govt programs. After coming to power there hasn’t been much action regarding that. Should we assume that these are just political accusations of no consequence whatsoever.

Dy Cm Dharmana Krishna Das: That would be a misconception, whatever allegations we made, we are bound to it, immediately after coming to power the Govt constituted an enquiry committee regarding many alleged misdeeds by the previous Govt, we have unearthed the ESI scam, similarly the rest would unfold sooner or later. It is not just about corrective measures by our Govt, we are also taking preventive measures. A judicial review for Govt intended projects to check any financial misuse. Other method that yielded great results is reverse tendering, we saved hundreds of crores in Polavaram itself and other projects. There is complete transparency and no chance of corruption in our Govt.

Deeksha: Have you thought of date to lay foundation for executive capital in Visakhapatnam?

Dy Cm Dharmana Krishna Das: There are impending cases in the court and we have to await judgement. Soon or later, CM Jagan will lay foundation.

(excerpts from  Deeksha prasad South india Editor an interview with Hon. Dy Chief Minister Dharmana Krishna Das .)

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