NEW DELHI : Many of us who know Feroze Gandhi, know him as a husband of late prime minister Indira Gandhi, and father of Rajiv Gandhi. But the legacy of Feroze Gandhi is beyond just this identity. September 8 marks his 60th birth anniversary.

Born on 12 September 1912, Feroze Gandhi was an Indian freedom fighter, politician and journalist.

He was the part of the Indian Independence Movement since 1930. He was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and thus changed the spelling of his surname from “Ghandy” to “Gandhi” after joining the Independence movement.

While many of know that he was the husband of late PM Indira Gandhi, we might not know that Indira’s father Jawaharlal Nehru opposed their marriage. Nehru had approached Mahatma Gandhi to dissuade the young couple. However, Indira and Feroze still decided to get married.

The couple finally got married in March 1942 according to Hindu rituals. They were arrested and jailed in August 1942, during the Quit India Movement less than six months after their marriage.

After being a member of the provincial parliament (1950–1952), Feroze won independent India’s first general elections in 1952, from Rae Bareli constituency in Uttar Pradesh. He continued to be the MP of Rae Bareli till 1960.

Feroze also handled the work of The National Herald, a newspaper founded by Pandit Nehru.

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