Normal life has been disrupted in Bengaluru as rainwater entered houses after the city received a heavy downpour on Friday night.

The rainwater entered the residential area here following which people have also suffered loss of property and damage to furniture.

Videos posted on social media show the heavy flow of water flowing away vehicles.

According to reports, heavy rainfall led to overflowing of the lakes in the city, which in turn flooded the residential areas.

Speaking to ANI Govindamma, a resident of the Hosakerehalli area told ANI, “Water started increasing in the evening hours, it gushed inside our house. I along with my children was there inside the house at that time. We closed the door so that water doesn’t enter but unfortunately the water entered and somehow other residents saved us.”

Another resident, Murugan said, all the vehicles that were parked outside have been submerged in the rainwater.

“We are experiencing this situation for the very first time. We are living here for many years and we used to see waterlogged roads but for the first time it entered our houses,” he added.

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