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Sexual harassment led to the death of all four members of a Muslim family : Md Farooq

 Sexual harassment led to the death of all four members of a Muslim family : Md Farooq

Former Minister and TDP senior leader N Md Farooq strongly accused the YSRCP Goverment of trying to ‘wash its hands of’ the intimidation and sexual harassment that led to the death of all four members of a Muslim family in a suicide pact in Nandyal in Kurnool district, addressing a press conference here on Monday.

Farooq demanded the ruling YSRCP to dismiss the CI, SI and the Constable who were respnsible for driving Abdul Sattar to commit suicide along with his wife Noorzahan and two children. It was a horrific tragedy as the couple tied up their children with ropes and threw them under a moving goods train before doting it for themselves.

The TDP leader said that the suicides took place only after two three months of mindless harassment by the police. It did not stop at that. The constable and the police officials sexually harassed Salam’s wife by daily calling her to attend before them. Salam and his wife were also beaten up in lock-up. The police did not listen even when Salam said that he did not steal any jewellery from the gold shop where he has been working for over 25 years.

Farooq deplored that unable to bear harassment, Salam gave away his wife’s jewellery to the police but he was not spared even after that. He started running an autorickshaw to feed his family. Again, the police booked another case by filing a false complaint. Totally frustrated, Salam family ended their lives. The Government should dismiss the guilty police officials and it cannot just suspend them for one or two months. The DGP should conceded the demand of the Muslims JAC for a CBI investigation into the circumstances leading to the Salam family suicide. The case should be referred to a fast track court.

Farooq said that Salam’s wife was an educated woman and working as a teacher. She was sexually harassed. A similar incident took place in Rajahmundry also but the Government had not taken any action. Deputy CM visited the relatives of the hapless family but nothing has happened to ensure justice to them. Stating that the Muslims were suffering on all fronts under the YSRCP regime, Farooq said that the YSRCP Government has stopped giving all benefits to the Minorities in the past 18 months. Ramzan Thofa was cancelled and no financial assistance was given during the Coronavirus lockdown. The TDP used to give Rs. 1 lakh in times of marriages and also Rs. 5 lakh towards accident insurance. No such support was there now.

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