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‘Journalists play a key role’ – AP Minister at Press Academy Training Class

 ‘Journalists play a key role’ – AP Minister at Press Academy Training Class


Journalists play a key role in bringing positive change in the society. The Government is striving for the welfare of journalists, said Shankar Narayana Minister for Roads and Transport At AP Press Academy is conducting online training classes to improve skills of Journalists in rural areas district wise. As part of that Ananthapuram District .

Journalists were provided training today. Minister for Roads and Transport Shankar Narayana was present along with Press Academy Chairman Devireddy Srinadh and Advisor to the Govt Devulapalli Amar. AP Press Academy Secretary Balagangadhar Tilak, Senior journalists G. Valliswar and Uma Maheswararao shared their experience with Ananthapuram district Journalists and trained them.

Minister appreciated the efforts of Press Academy and everyone involved for their efforts in organizing online training classes.

Advisor to the Government Devulapalli Amar said that journalists in rural areas need to keep pace with the ever-growing technology. Media should develop without the influence of politics, business and caste, he said. Ethics must be maintained and must not be lost, he opined.

Senior journalist G. Valliswar shared his experience in the art of gathering news. Another Senior journalist Uma Maheswararao discussed the measures that need to be taken while writing.

Press Academy Chairman Devireddy Srinadh elaborated the aim the of the online training classes. Amidst corona, online training classes are being held, he said. He shared his personal experiences on how a journalist plays a role in the development of a village. The Academy would conduct various programs for the development of Journalists, he said.      

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