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AP Cooperative Bank awarded first prize among all state co-operative banks in the country.

 AP Cooperative Bank  awarded first prize among all state co-operative banks in the country.

The Andhra Pradesh Cooperative Bank Vijayawada was awarded first prize for overall best performance for the year 2018-19, among all state co-operative banks in the country, by the National Federation of State Co-operative Banks (NAFSCOB), Mumbai taking into consideration Share capital of Rs.1600 crore. Business of Rs.13300 crore and profit of Rs.145 crore of the bank.

The award was presented at a function held at Mumbai on 29 December 2020. The award was received by Dr. G Vani Mohan, IAS, person in charge, APCOB and CC&RCS and Dr. Srinath Reddy, Managing Director, APCOB at the hands of Dr Chandrapal Singh Yadav, MP and Chairman, KRIBHCO, in the presence of Dr. GR Chinthala, NABARD and Sri. B Subramanyam Managing Director NAFSCOB. The Other dignitaries at the function were chairman of NAFED, President of BISCOMAUN, Chairman of COBI, President, Vice-President and CEO of NCUI, Managing Director of NCDC, Director of VAMNICOM.

Similarly, the Krishna District Co-operative Central Bank (DCCB)) Machilipatnam has bagged second prize among all the DCCBs in the country for its achievement of share capital of Rs.318 crore, business of Rs.5100 crore and profit of Rs.15 crore. The Chairperson and CEO of the Krishna DCCB have received the award.

Similarly, the Kommugudem Primary Agricultural Co-operative Credit Society (PACS) under the purview of DCCB, Eluru in West Godavari district with its achievement of share capital of Rs.5 crore profit of Rs.0.74 crore and 100% recovery of loans has bad third prize among all the PAC the country to Chairman and CEO of the said PACS have received the award.

It is heartening to note that institutions representing all the tires in the 3-tier Co-operative credit structure (CCS) in the state of Andhra Pradesh, viz., APCOB at the state level Krishna DCCB at the district level and the Kommugudem PACS at the village level, have received awards in a single year and the guiding force behind its achievement is Dr. G Vani Mohan, IAS, CC&RCS/ Chairperson, APCOB. We are proud at the highest achievement of the CCS in the state under the guidance of Dr. G Vani Mohan, IAS.

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