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New Year 2021 we will step out and will also celebrate the year to the hilt.

 New Year 2021 we will step out and will also celebrate the year to the hilt.

The coronavirus pandemic has left the whole world reeling as it has claimed lakhs of lives across the world. Because of the dreadful situation, we won’t be able to celebrate the new year as like we would have loved to.

From long people have been wishing the year to end soon, now when the year 2020 is about to end one cannot be happier than this, so, why not bid adieu in style. Friends, family, food and booze are the usual new year pack, however, this time it’s going to be different because we have to maintain the social distancing. But this doesn’t mean we are going to ring in our New Year 2021 sitting at home and doing nothing. Yes, we will step out and will also celebrate the year to the hilt.

We have jotted down few destinations in India were you all can holiday and ring in your New Year 2021 with your family and friends: GOA

Goa is one of the most-favoured destinations in India to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It is a party hopper’s dream and is dotted with huts, shacks, bars, hotels and restaurants. Almost every location hosts parties that continue till the wee hours.


This place is not that happening when it comes to parties, but its scenic beauty will definitely bowl you over. Dotted with lush green surroundings, Gangtok is just the spot you need for a perfect relaxing getaway this New Year’s Eve.


One of the most- popular hangout for holiday goers, this place is famous for its pleasant weather and scenic surroundings. The tea gardens, spice plantations add a great chunk to its beauty. So, if this place is on your list then don’t forget to taste the authentic Kodava cuisine.


Puducherry is also one of the happening places when it comes to partying. Just like Goa here also parties continue till the wee hours on New Year’s Eve. If you are looking to ring in the eve in peace and solace then this is the best place as you can spend your day at meditation centres and well-known ashrams.

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