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Babu burns 5 ‘anti-ryot GOs’ in Bhogi bonfire.

 Babu burns 5 ‘anti-ryot GOs’ in Bhogi bonfire.

 Accusing the YSRC government of propagating “untruths and half truths” to betray all sections of people in Andhra Pradesh in the past 19 months, TDP supremo N Chandrababu Naidu has claimed that no farmer is happy and comfortable under the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy regime. 

The people believed the lies of Jagan and voted for him as they were in grip of a mass hysteria, he argued. “I don’t know what mistake I have committed. I have strived hard for the development of each and everyone. Forgive me if what I have done is a mistake,’’ Naidu said.

Participating in the Bhogi celebrations at Paritala in Krishna district, he burned “five anti-farmer” GOs related to fixing meters on farm pump sets, ‘sunna vaddi’, zero budget farming and caste-based division in the Bhogi bonfire.

Naidu said that the meters should be fixed not on farmers’ pump sets, but at the offices of the YSRC ministers and MLAs. Then, it would become clear how much and at what level they were looting the State through the sand, liquor, mining, bettings, house sites and other mafias, he alleged. The TDP chief said that the YSRC’s policies has now put a burden of Rs 70,000 on every citizen in the State. 

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