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Women’s day 2021: A Mother of two As A Responsible Citizen, When Women Empower Empower Society : Tammineni Vanisitharam

 Women’s day 2021: A Mother of two As A Responsible Citizen, When Women Empower Empower Society : Tammineni Vanisitharam

Every day, should be celebrated as Women’s Day. However, to honour their achievements, the UN announced March 8, as International Women’s Day. Also, it is the day to acknowledge their courage of breaking the rigid stereotypes, and coming out as strong powerful women. This year women’s day theme is ‘Choose To Challenge’, which means that every individual is responsible for our own actions and thoughts. The theme, further elaborates that from challenge comes change. One can call out gender bias and inequality. To seek out and celebrate the achievements of women’s. Together we all can create an inclusive world.

I am a mother of two. I looked closely and ensured their healthy growth. I know their hunger and needs very well. With the good intention of providing nutritious food to the children going to school, the Chief Minister of the state, Jagan garu, set up a massive scheme called “Jagannanna Gorumudda”. I am moved to see the shortcomings in its implementation. As a mother and as a responsible citizen, I responded. I leave it to your own wisdom if my statement seems political, said Togaram Sarpanch Tammineni Vanisitharam. Sarpanch Tamminene Vani proves her power ablity through inspect Jaganna Gorumudda how its cater children quality quantity of food serving children. she role modal all women. when women equell to all aspectes. Fortunatley womens day happend in  Togaram village  Srikakulam Distrect in Andhra Pradesh.

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th March of every year. It’s the day for praising women who work hard every day to accomplish individual and professional goals. To observe this day different events take place including movements or march across the globe. There are some countries where women are not treated equally, so, in these countries, protests are observed for the liberation of women. For many people, the role of women is limited to household chores only. However, this needs to change as women deserve equal freedom and opportunities in everything like men. The world is moving towards gender equality. It is moving towards a balance between both men and women. A change is required and is also essential. It is observed that men have had more advantages in every sphere of life in comparison to women since ages. However, this needs a change as we all are humans and should be treated equally with equal rights and opportunities. On International Women’s Day, everyone appreciates the women in their lives. Everyone acknowledges the worth and significance of women in their lives, and their tremendous contribution to society as well.

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