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PM Modis Scathing Attack At Mamata During West Bengal Rally

 PM Modis Scathing Attack At Mamata During West Bengal Rally

For several weeks now ‘Khela Hobe’ has become a rallying cry of sorts in poll-bound West Bengal. As the various parties in the fray race to make their presence felt and woo voters, the TMC’s slogan can be heard ringing out frequently 

Khela hobe, dekha hobe, jeeta hobe,” proclaimed a wheelchair-bound Mamata Banerjee during a rally on Monday. “Bhanga paye khela hobe (the game will go on with a broken leg),” cheered party supporters.

But it not just the Mamata Banerjee-led party. ‘Khela hobe’ has become a popular catchphrase with the Opposition camp, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a slew of other BJP leaders using the slogan to hit out at the ruling TMC . “Didi bole khela hobe, BJP bole chaakri hobe. Didi bole khela hobe, BJP bole vikas hobe. Didi bole khela hobe, BJP bole shiksha hobe,” proclaimed Modi during a rally in West Bengal’s Purulia on Thursday 

Losely translated this means that while Didi (Mamata) said ‘khela hobe’ the BJP was promising to bring in jobs, development, education and more. The speech continued in the same vein for some time, with Modi countering Mamata’s remark with the BJP’s poll promises.

“Khela shesh hobe, vikas aarambh hobe (the game will end, development will begin),” Modi said amid rousing cheers 

Going beyond the slogan, the Prime Minister also attacked the work of the ruling party and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. “Bengal remembers who accused army of plotting coup, whose side you took during Pulwama attack,” he remarked.

Accusing the past and present administrations of neglecting industrial development of Purulia, the PM contended that Purulia was facing a huge water crisis due to government inaction. “TMC government has given Purulia only water crisis, forced migration and administration that discriminates,” he alleged, adding that the party would be “punished for 10 years of misrule and politics of appeasement”.

“We believe in Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) while TMC believes in Transfer My Commission,” he added.

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