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Andhra Pradesh announced Upgrade Sand Policy expected to generate Rs.765 Crores.

 Andhra Pradesh announced Upgrade Sand Policy expected to generate Rs.765 Crores.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced the Upgrade Sand Policy Under the existing policy, the government has earned a net income of Rs 161.30 Crore for the financial year 2019-20 and Rs. 380.00 Crore for the current financial year (2020-21) i.e. up to February 2021. It is expected to generate about Rs.765 Crores per annum under the up-grated Sand Policy.
This upgraded New Policy will make the following facilities available to the customers: vide G.O.No.78, Department of Industries and Commerce (M.III), dated 12-11-2020.
The Director, Department of Mines and Geology entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 04-01-2021 with M/s. MSTC Ltd, a Central Government Undertaking to select the eligible agency to undertake sand mining, storage and sales for a period of two years in a most transparent and impartial manner.
M/s. M.S.T.C, through their website issued tender announcement for selection of the agency that is technically and financially cushioned. It was advertised in various regional and national newspapers and widely publicized.
M/s. M.S.T. C. Ltd. has examined the technical qualifications of all the tenderers and invited the eligible tenderers for financial tenders with full transparency.
MSTC Ltd confirmed that M/s. Jayaprakash Power Ventures Ltd, became the successful tenderer as they announced the highest price for all the three (3) packages for two years at the end of the phase of accepting technical and financial bids. The following are package wise details of maximum price offered by M/s. Jayaprakash Power Ventures Ltd for two years:

Package – 1: 477.50 Crores
Package – 2: 745.70 Crores
Package – 3: 305.60 Crores

M/s. Jayaprakash Power Ventures Limited is a corporate entity established under the Corporate Act, 21/1994. The company is part of the Jaypee Group, which has a leading infrastructure in India and is headquartered in New Delhi.
The company operates the largest hydroelectric power plant in India. They are the leading private company in the country in power generation.
M/s. Jaypee is a leading North Indian-based company working in various infrastructure sectors such as civil engineering and construction, cement, electricity, road construction, hospitality, fertilizers, healthcare, sports and education (non-profit).
Since the stock yard is being set up at the reaches, they can check the quality of the sand directly at the ramps, tie up the money at the Reach of their choice and take the required quantum of sand in the vehicle they have set up.
Same price at each reach across the state and a price with upper ceiling is determined regionally based on distance. Details of the phone numbers to complain about the higher rates will be made available to the public. Strict action will be taken on such complaints.
There will be no room for recommendations.
There is no need to apply online.
There will be no involvement of the transport conglomerate or intermediaries in the matter of sand supply.
Those who cannot afford to make the vehicle available, they will have the option of obtaining sand through a transport conglomerate.
Sand excavation is no longer permitted on Patta (graded) Lands. Quality sand will be made available as sand excavation is allowed only in the open reaches.

  1. Appropriate prompt action is being taken to transfer sand excavation and supply from the current policy implemented by APMDC to the contractor selected under the new Upgraded Policy.

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