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Ram Navami 2021 : Ram Navami Is One Of The Most Auspicious Festivals Of Hindus .

 Ram Navami 2021 : Ram Navami Is One Of The Most Auspicious Festivals Of Hindus .

Every yearon the navami tithi of Chaitra month shukla paksha is celebrated as Ram Navami. This year Ram Navami is being celebrated on April 21. As per Hindu belief, on this day, Lord Ram was born in Punarvasu nakshatra, in karka lagna. Lord Rama was born to king Dashrath and queen Kaushalya in Treta yuga. As per Hindu scriptures, Rama was the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  As the day is here, we have brought you some necessary details on how and when to worship. Ram Navami is one of the most auspicious festivals of Hindus that is observed on the Navami tithi of Chaitra month Shukla paksha. It is on this day, Lord Rama was born to king Dashrath and Kaushalya. On this auspicious festival, the devotees offer prayers to the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishu i.e. Lord Ram. This year, Ram Navami is being celebrated on April 21. As the auspicious day is here, send these warm wishes, messages, quotes, and images that you can share with your friends and family: 

Ram Navami 2021: Timings

Navami Tithi timings

On April 21 Navami will start at 12:43 am
On April 22 Navami will end at 12:35 am

Ram Navami 2021: Shubh Muhurat

Most auspicious time
11:02 am to 1:38 pm

Madhyanh is afternoon period which prevails for about 2hr 24 mins. This is the most auspicious time for puja. The chanting of Rama and celebrations reach at it’s peak during madhyanh. People get excited and recite bhajans with devotion. People from far away places visit Ayodhya and bath in Darti river. On the bank of river Saryu, Ayodhya is situated. It is believed to be auspicious to take a dip in the Saryu river

Ram Navami 2021: Puja Vidhi

After taking bath early in the morning people wear clean clothes. Tulsi leaf, flowers and fruits are offered. Bhog of pure things as per capacity is given. Aarti is recited.

Ram Navami 2021: Mantra

It is believed that name of Rama itself is the biggest mantra. The other mantras are:

Om ran ramay namah
Om Ram Chandray namah
Om Ram Bhadray namah
Om Janaki Vallabhay swaha
To get rid from big problems–
Deen dayal birudi sambhari
Harahu nath mum sankat bhari

Ram Navami 2021: Stuti

Shri Ram Chandra Kripalu bhaj man haran bhavbhaj darunam
Nav kanj lochan, kanj mukh, kar kanj pad kanjarunam

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