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Uninterrupted power supply to conducted to 8k tests as helped in treating covid cases recovered 10,962 :Collector KVN Chakradhar Babu

 Uninterrupted power supply  to  conducted to 8k tests as helped in treating covid cases recovered 10,962 :Collector KVN Chakradhar Babu

Nellore is one amongst the best in the country in recovery of Covid cases…. 1,10,037 cases were fully recovered and 10,962 are under treatment

While Nellore’s Covid response was one amongst the best in the entire country, the 24×7 power supply has played a key role in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic in the district. The 24/7 power supply has been ensuring continuous power supply to labs, hospitals, quarantine centers and vaccination centers etc. that aiding the best Covid response in Nellore. 

District Collector KVN Chakradhar Babu said that the district’s covid response has been one amongst the best in the country and 1,10,037 cases were fully recovered and 10,962 are under treatment.

He said that in a communication to Secretary Energy Srikant Nagulapalli and CMD APSPDCL, H Haranatha Rao,  the uninterrupted power supply enabled district administration to run labs extensively and conducted 7500 to 8000 tests on average per day. “For me, increasing the testing capacities, running the RTPCR and TRUNAT labs in three shifts, declaring test results within 24hours of collecting samples are the most important steps to ensure start of early treatment in each case,” said the collector.

Best facilities in hospitals & Covid care centers

The district administration has laid special emphasis on setting up the covid care center (CCC) with elaborate facilities like hematology analyzers, Xray machines, triaging equipment and timely start of supplemental oxygen with the help of oxygen concentrators.

The Collector said that they were using around 355 concentrators in the district, all of them run on electricity and are used to provide immediate life support in all moderate cases and where the saturation levels are falling below 90. All the 11 covid care centers setup in the district are making extensive use of these equipment besides the conventional oxygen cylinders and it is possible because of the reliable uninterrupted power supply to these locations.

As the severity of cases and the viral load in them are high, many critical patients are requiring oxygen/ICU/ventilator support. Hence the district administration has set up 33 covid hospitals in the district as against 11 in the previous year.

The District Collector thanked SPDCL for ensuring continuous power supply every single night and day as all these facilities require continuous power supply. 

For monitoring the movement of LMO (liquid medical oxygen) to all covid hospitals on real time, a separate war room was created in the district covid control room. This is over and above the 104-control room and the hospital CCTV monitoring teams those are running 24×7.

Special focus on oxygen supply

As the virus of Covid is said to have gained more virulence this time, the oxygen dependency has increased manifold everywhere. The district administration has made serious efforts to set up an additional 13KL tank at the government general hospital and another 13KL tank at the Narayana medical college.

In view of many other hospitals were dependent on cylinders and filling them has become an arduous task, the district administration identified a sick industry at Bhudanam village, chillakur mandal which can generate oxygen through an air separation unit.

“Energy minister Balineni Srinivasa Reddy, who is also the district in-charge Minister and the Industries Minister Mekapati Goutham Reddy have supported in getting all the necessary clearances and at a very short notice. With the intervention of the Secretary Energy, power supply could be restored to the unit by deferring the outstanding dues to the tune of Rs3 crore,” he said.

The technical team from the Indian Navy and Krishnapatnam port helped to revive the industry within a week’s time and today it is producing 400 cylinders per day. The district collector has thanked the entire team for the expedient work and the district has now become almost self-reliant on oxygen usage in all the small hospitals.

Vaccination for 26 % people

Vaccination in Nellore district also stands first in the state in vaccination coverage. More than 7.58 Lakh (26 %) population received vaccine at least one dose; till date and maintaining the cold chain at all the vaccine store and covid vaccination centers (CVCs) is regarded as one of the main reason for reducing wastage and effectively using the vials.

Movie screening

For the first time in the state, motivational movies are being screened every evening in all the Covid care centers which are helping covid positive persons in quick recovery besides building camaraderie during isolation period, the collector said. This home away from home is now housing 624 persons under covid care.

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