TDP State General Secretary Panchumarthy Anuradha accused Chief Minister does not deserve to be called a ‘Praja Neta’ (People’s Leader) because of his monumental blunders like the destruction of a People’s City, Amaravati Capital and non-fulfilment of his promises on Polavaram and Special Category Status. The thoughtless policies of the CM in the last 17 months of his misrule have pushed AP backwards by over three decades.

The ruling YSRCP leaders of shamelessly celebrating three years completion of CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Padayatra instead of stopping their misdeeds and atrocities that have been destroying Andhra Pradesh in all aspects, at a press conference on Friday.

The TDP leader asserted that the ruling party leaders had no moral right to celebrate Padayatra utsav as they had caused all-round suffering to all sections of people by imposing Rs. 50,000 Cr tax burdens and bringing over Rs. 1 lakh Cr debt burden on the State. The one-step taken by Jagan Reddy in his Padayatra now started hanging like a curse over AP. Under his hopeless rule, Navyandhra has turned into a graveyard with crisis and sickness plaguing all sectors of economy. The liquor, sand and mining mafias were looting the State indiscriminately. The CM should indeed step down owning up responsibility for this all-round destruction of the State.

Anuradha asked why the Jagan Government was spending such huge amounts of public money on advertisements if it was really confident of its rising popularity. CM’s Advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy should give a call for 10 days funeral rites and mourning but not celebrations now. Crores of public money was being given to the Sakshi media in the name of advertisements.

But the people already realised how the YSRCP was undermining the State in every way possible. The YSRCP’s claims were false as over 870 top posts were given to one particular caste.

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