Andhra Pradesh Environment Management Corporation APEMC is user friendly, and it will improve accountability in waste management. APPCB Chairman BSS Prasad and APEMC Executive Director B Madhusudana Rao

APEMC commenced its online waste exchange operations in the State recently for scientific disposal and utilisation of waste, said AP Pollution Control Board (APPCB) Member-Secretary Vivek Yadav. In a video link conference held by the APEMC with generators and receivers of waste on Wednesday, Vivek Yadav briefed the process of onboarding the waste exchange platform, cleared all the doubts of the generators and receivers like how to register with the APEMC, updating of industry details, waste generation quantities, industry mobile number updating, how to generate and close the manifests, by showing the live demonstration.

 The procedure for generator/receiver to onboard APEMC online waste exchange platform is placed on the website i.e.,, he informed.Earlier, all the industries (generators/ preprocessors/ TSDFs/ CETPs/ marine discharge units in Andhra Pradesh were asked to dispose of their industrial waste and other wastes through the online waste exchange platform of the APEMC (

Simultaneously, the APPCB engineers and analysts were assigned duties for random verification of manifests of the hazardous, other waste (non-hazardous) and liquid waste i.e., i) to verify the type of the waste viz., utilisable waste, recyclable waste, incinerable waste and landfill able waste, etc., ii) validity of the manifests, iii) verification of route and iv) proper packing of the waste. The stakeholders felt that the online waste exchange platform of APEMC is user friendly, and it will improve accountability in waste management.

India’s first Online Waste Exchange Platform
100% tracking of waste generation and disposal
Monitoring of movement of waste through 
GPS tracking 
Scrutiny and audit of waste 
Safe disposal of toxic waste
Encouragement to use of different types of waste 
Promoting 6 R’s of waste management including, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refurbish, Redesign and Remanufacture to protect environment

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