Hyderabad: A two-Judge panel of the Telangana High Court comprising Chief Justice Raghvendra Singh Chauhan and Justice B Vijayasen Reddy on Thursday directed the State government to ban crackers for the upcoming Deepavali festival.

The panel passed the orders and asked the government to issue directions for closure of cracker shops and to book cases against violators. It also directed the government to spread awareness among the people about the ban on crackers through various media platforms. The panel was dealing with a writ petition filed by Indra Prakash, a practicing advocate appearing as party in person.

He filed the public interest litigation case seeking court directions to ban crackers during the Deepavali festival celebrations. The petitioner complained that pollution due to crackers would cause problems to patients suffering from Covid-19 as the disease affects the respiratory system.

The panel observed that Rajasthan and other States had banned firecrackers for this festival. The panel further pointed out that the Apex Court upheld the decision of the Kolkata High Court to ban firecrackers in West Bengal. It also directed the government to file action taken report on November 19 and adjourned the case.

“Much as the festivals may be important and may serve social purpose, nonetheless, the lives of the people are the most important. It is the bounden duty of the State to ensure that the lives of the people are protected and promoted in a meaningful way, Chief Justice Raghvendra Singh Chauhan said.

He said since the government had not declared any ban on the use of fireworks so far, and considering the fact that the lives of the people need to be protected, “this court directs the State to immediately ban the sale and use of fireworks by people and organisations.”

The Chief Justice directed the State government to issue an appeal to the people, both through print and electronic media, to refrain from bursting firecrackers, so as to prevent any further deterioration in air quality.

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