The Minister for Housing, Cherukuvada Sri Ranganadha Raju said that CM Jagan Mohan Reddy’s dream is housing for all. The Minister said in our State no one should be without a house. It is every man’s dream to own a house. He said the Govt is committed in making the dream come true. Below are excerpts from the interview with the Minister.

Deeksha: Sir, what is the proposed design of the house?

A house with one living room, one bedroom, kitchen, space for entertainment. The kitchen is equipped with loft, shelves. A model house is also constructed at Tadepalli according to the proposed plan.

Deeksha: Sir, can you elaborate how the scheme will benefit the poor?

This Government is giving land free of cost, a cent of land in urban areas, one and half cent in rural areas which is an asset for the next generations. Wealth creation for the poor. The beneficiary has the benefit of modifying or going for further construction as he wishes. For now, the beneficiary has the option of choosing between a finished house or receiving a monetary benefit of 1.8 lakhs to construct the house as he pleases. The house patta distribution program will take place on 25th December. Around 30 lakh house site pattas will be distributed. The House construction will take place in two phases. In phase one, 15.1 lakhs will be constructed. The rest will be completed in second phase. The officials concerned have already made necessary arrangements to facilitate the process. Officials at the municipality, district, state level have scrutinized the proposals. In the housing for all scheme, the Govt has surveyed every municipality to assess the number of houses that need to be given. Every municipality must prepare HFA POA (Housing for all Plan Action Plan of action) and send a DPR to the State level committee chaired by the Chief Secretary and upon whose approval the DPR will be sent to the Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee chaired by the Cabinet Secretary, Department of Housing.

We were successful in getting maximum sanctions for our state. From the month of March around 7 lakh new houses were sanctioned. Now, we have sanctions available for 15.1 lakh houses. As of now we have 15,950 layouts. Earlier, there is no land acquisition, the houses were built in individual house site. The advantage of constructing in layout is the government is creating human settlements. The Govt is following a saturation approach and not a selective process.

This is a prestigious project for the Andhra Pradesh Govt. The house sanctioned is geo tagged and the beneficiary can locate the house online precisely. We have 8 layouts with 10,000 plots, 33 layouts with 5000-10000 plots, 32 layouts with 3000-5000 plots, 144 layouts with 1000-3000 plots, 222 layouts with 501-1000 plots, 15,000 layouts up to 500 plots.

Out of the 15.1 lakh houses, around 11.2 lakh houses are in layouts, unauthorized occupants also will be provided possession certificates by regularizing and permanent houses will be provided, the revenue department identified 1.3 such unauthorized occupants. 2.6 lakh beneficiaries have been identified, having own land and are also eligible under the housing for all scheme.

Deeksha: Will 1.8 lakh be sufficient to complete a house?

The Govt is giving sand free of cost, only transportation charges must be borne. Cement is given at a subsidized rate of 225 rupees per PPC, 235 rupees for OPC. We have identified 22 other materials. There are two level committees: State level procurement committee consisting of Chief Engineers and district level committee chaired by the collector. Extensive study has been done. We are going with a plan and this is not a vague estimation.

Deeksha: What are the measures taken to ensure transparency and effciency?

Once the beneficiary gives requisition, the system automatically generates the requirement which goes to the EE, all the vendors are registered online, he checks the requirement and in turn rises a purchase order that goes to the supplier. When the material is dispatched from the supplier, an invoice is generated. The driver’s number, invoice number will be sent to the village secretariat. The whole crux of this operation is the in-place Village and Ward Secretariat system, 15,000 Engineering Assistants,15,000 Welfare and Education Assistants and 15,000 digital Assistants are tagged with housing program. We are working on war footing.


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