‘Identifying waste places in Vijayawada city as well as sorting them out and authorities should monitor constantly the discharge along the way said Minister for Endowments Velampally Srinivas at Review meeting conducted on drinking water supply and waste regulation issues in Krishna District at the local collector camp office by the Collector A.M.D. Imtiaz with district higher official

District Collector Imtiaz said that a review has been conducted on drinking water system and their functioning. Blueprints of the water system has been collected to identify effluents and to take necessary measures. measures are being taken to identify Lead, nickel and other pollutants in drinking water.

Urban and rural areas in Krishna district will turn ideal as we take up development on war footing on drinking water and Waste disposal’, state Minister for Endowments Velampally Srinivas and members of the Central Urban Standing Committee Alla Ayodhyarami Reddy said.

The review was conducted under the auspices of State Endowments Minister Velampally Srinivas, Union Urban Standing Committee Member Alla Ayodhya Ramireddy. On this occasion, Minister Velampally Srinivas‌ spoke on identifying waste places in Vijayawada city as well as sorting them out and authorities should monitor constantly the discharge along the way.

In the slums of the city steps should be taken to remove the silt and move it immediately. For the creation of infrastructure, the Minister said that an appropriate route map should also be prepared.

Central Urban Standing Committee member Alla Ayodhya Ramireddy said with constant supervision Pollution of drinking water and waste can be controlled. The best results can be achieved by hiring expert advisors in the field. Make long-term plans and achieve good results for this. Funds required must be gathered locally.

He said he will become a partner in the process. Identify the major causes of pollution and take steps to control. Make effective use of the local volunteer system to identify waste from industries and waste from various systems. Waste Hygienic treatment enhances the management capacity of the plants as well as the companies that set them up. Long-term management wants to surrender.

The future by conducting a weekly review He directed the Collector to formulate an action plan. The authorities have been advised to include drinking water in the present as well. He said it was crucial to pay special attention to waste from industrial areas like Autonagar. In the case of household garbage collection, the collection of dry and wet garbage must be done separately, he said. East YSRCP Leader Devineni Avinash other leaders, official participated.

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