With the coronavirus pandemic raging across the country and the vaccine still not available, bank account holders have taken to net banking for carrying out almost all their money transactions through net banking. This includes paying utility bills, like electricity and gas, paying the kirana store for daily groceries, and even for transferring funds in terms of EMI on loans and carrying out large purchases more. There is hardly any transaction that has not been turned into cashless, netbanking, mode and the public rushing to adopt this system. However, not everyone is keen to use the technology as they are unfamiliar with it.

Looking to reassure bank account holders about the benefits and safety of all financial transactions on onlineSBI, the bank took to Twitter to make its power point. The State Bank of India tweeted: “#InternetBanking facility allows you to perform banking transactions from the safety & convenience of your homes. The best technology is available for You – Anywhere & Anytime. Please log in today – https://onlinesbi.com”

Along with this, it listed the benefits that are available to SBI account holders online. The bank highlighted the safety factor and said that full care has been taken to ensure account holders’ money stays safe and secure and that this is backed by the latest technology available.

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