Chief minister Y. S. Jagan mohan Reddy is very much
determined to provide highly qualitative 24X 7 power supply to agriculture, and industry and entire consumers in general for enhancing the economy of the state and improving the quality of life.

Stating that the government wants the State to be the
frontrunner in energy efficiency in the country, chief executive officer of AP State Energy Conservation Mission (APSECM) A Chandrasekhar Reddy said that the State government had strongly determined to build a sustainable, secure and affordable energy sector in the State by promoting energy efficiency.

Addressing a seminar(on the occasion of national energy conservation week December 14 to 20,2020) on the‘impact of energy efficiency for enhancement of economy of the State’ at SDM MahilaKalasala in Vijayawada on Saturday, Chandrasekhar Reddy said that energy efficiency is one of the fastest and cheapest sources to achieve energy security, economic development, create employment and address the challenges of global climate change. Improved energy efficiency would help the State to attract investments.
The State government is aggressively promoting energy efficiency to benefit every sector in the State. Thegovernment is giving high priority for providing
24×7 reliable, quality, cost effective power and achieving energy security which is essential to achieve industrial and economic development in the State.The energy efficiency plays major role in achieving cost effective power.

Energy efficiency shows positive impact on macroeconomics and boost economic activity. Energy efficiency reduces the amount of energy needed to deliver services, such as lighting, heating and cooling and mobility etc. This would reduce economic burden on individuals and even economies as well.
The APSECM with the support of Bureau of Energy efficiency is implementing several energy conservation and energy efficiency progrmmes in various government departments.
The State has demonstrated outstanding performance in implementing Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme in energy intensive industries and saved 2386 million units (MU) of energy worth around Rs 1600 crore which can be seen one of the major milestones towards achieving best energy performance in AP industrial sector.

Recently, anther 0.62 Million ton of oil equivalent (Mtoe) energy was saved by AP industries as informed by BEE. The State had initiated world’s largest rural LED street lighting programme under which 23.29 Lakh LED lights have been installed in 11, 749 Gram Panchayats in 13 districts.

The estimated energy savings are around 260 MU per annum with a monetary benefit of Rs 156crores per annum. The State government has decided to install another four lakh LED street lights in the State on the request of Gram Panchayats.
APSECM has implemented energy efficiency measures in rural water supply (RWS) department by replacement of old/obsolete pumpsets with energy efficient pumpsets in Prakasam, Kurnool and YSR Kadapa and achieved Rs63.08 Lakhs monetary savings per annum.

The energy and industrial departments were planning to extend the programme to all the remaining districts too. The APSECM had also successfully introduced IOT enabled power monitoring device in a MSME industry of East Godavari district on a pilot project basis which proved that energy bills worth around Rs 80,000 could be saved in a MSME cluster. The project would be implemented in all districts to benefit MSME sector in the State. The BEE had approved this project and extended financial support to this project.
Significantly, the government issued a G.O no 189 with an objective to reduce energy demand in building sector. The building sector in the State has theenergy demand of around 3117 Million Units as per APERC report. The ECBC compliance in buildings would ensure reduction of electricity by 30- 40 per cent .
The government has also issued another important G.O.Rt.89 for setting up energy conservations cells in all government departments to promote energy conservation and energy efficiency in the State. Andhra Pradesh is the one and only State in the country that had issued a G.O.
The State is also going to implement Partial Risk Guarantee Fund for Energy Efficiency (PRGFEE) scheme to facilitate financing to energy efficiency projects in the State with the financial support of BEE. The PRGFEE would provide Banks and NBFCs with a partial coverage of risk involved in extending loans to energy efficiency projects and guarantees 50 per cent of loan amount or Rs 10 crore per project with an objective of scaling-up energy efficiency investments in Andhra Pradesh.
The APSECM has conducted State Energy Conservation Awards-2020
competition to encourage all the stake holders towards energy conservation
and energy efficiency.
At individual level, using energy efficient appliances and LED lighting in homes
would help to achieve significant energy savings and save electricity bills, he said.

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